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by Marisa Olsen

Let's welcome Mezetto to the Lower East Side. I've now been to Mezetto twice and each time it gets better and better. Mezetto's menu focuses on Mediterranean-style tapas with subtle twists to each dish. 
On a most recent visit, we started with the Mezetto Trio, which comprises of homemade labane, eggplant caviar (think baba ganoush), and hummus served with a side (or two) of za'atar bread. This is a great starter, especially if you order at least two servings of flat bread. 

We also loved the lamb meatballs, which are made with crushed pistachios and served in a tomato sauce sprinkled feta. The lamb meat is tender and the pistachios add a nice depth of flavor.

The falafel balls are also good. These balls arrive stuffed in a bun that resembles a pork bun. These crispy balls are drizzled with harissa aioli and topped with a pickled slaw. 

Another winner was the roasted cauliflower. We ordered this side to make us feel better about the other fried food and meat we ordered. If you're looking for a vegetable this is a good choice, although a tad too salty.

We also ordered the gnocchi with truffles and mushrooms. We loved the flavor but didn't quite love the the texture of the pasta--it was a bit too dense and distracted from the entire experience.

If you have room for dessert try the halvah ice cream with delicate ribbons  of halvah shavings and served with caramel and crushed pistachios. This tastes like a Mediterranean Snickers bar. It's delicious. 

Mezetto does not disappoint, nor does the attentive and out going staff.  Looking forward to my next visit.

161 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002
(212) 933-4587

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