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by Marisa Olsen

Restaurant Review: Eastwood in Lower East Side

After an evening of cocktails at a memorable gallery reception in the Lower East Side, I found myself at Eastwood, a corner spot that blends Mediterranean with Mexican flair. Upon entering, you should immediately place your food order at the order window to your right. The menu is written on a chalk board and features comfort foods like Fish & Chips, Falafel, Avocado on Toast, Grilled Cheese on Pita, and other mostly unhealthy goodies.

After you place your food order, move onto the bar to place your drink order. Then grab a seat on one of the benches and wait for your treats. 

We ordered the Fish & Chips which arrived on bulkie Challah toast. The fries weren't too crispy, but the fish certainly was. The fish was served with a delicious mayo/aoili. I haven't had this dish in years so it was worth the wait.

We also ordered a side of Falafel, which was pretty good (I prefer Taim), Avocado on Toast (always a winner), and a Kale Salad with shallots, walnuts, fennel, and apple. Loved this.

This is a great low-key spot if you're looking for a quaint Lower East Side spot but don't want to dig deep into your pockets.

221 East Broadway, New York, NY
(917) 284-4514

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