Girl Loves Food is a blog for the food lover at heart. This site explores my passion and zest for food and chronicles recipes I create in my home, restaurant reviews (mainly on the East Coast), other food-worthy news, and a tad of lifestyle odds and ends. Now that I am a mom of two, there will most likely be a speckling of food geared towards families and little ones. 


My fam

Will, me, Marin, and Waylan

About Marisa Olsen

Marisa Olsen is a food lover at heart. Throughout her life, she has lived in Manhattan (twice); Summit, NJ; Boston, MA;  Jersey City; and Boston (again), where she resides with her husband Will and daughter Marin and son Waylan.

Marisa was previously the Marketing Manager at Harvest Restaurants, a family-run group featuring 11 restaurants in northern New Jersey. Before coming to the restaurant world, Marisa dabbled in the arts for many years at  Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and Sotheby's. Now she is currently staying at home with her kids, and eating when she has a minute!

Girl Loves Food is the latest extension from Les Foodites, Marisa's original blog. Marisa loves all food and tries not to discriminate, but, has a penchant for stinky cheese, pasta, pizza, sushi, roasted vegetables, onion dip, seltzer, and red wine. 

About Marisa Meg Consulting, LLC 

Marisa Meg is a food and arts-related marketing strategist, with a focus on writing, social media, and photography.

For inquiries, please contact  Marisa.Olsen@gmail.com.