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Healthy Summer Rolls with a creamy Spicy Peanut Sauce for dipping.

Chowhound featuring Night Shift Brewing

If you're craving handcrafted beers and local food truck offerings with friends, check out Night Shift Brewing in Everett, MA. 


Lentil Quesadillas

Healthy, protein- and fiber-packed lentils takes centerstage in these weeknight quesadillas.

Photo courtesy of Stonewall Kitchen

Photo courtesy of Stonewall Kitchen

Legal Sea Foods Meets Stonewall Kitchen

Legal Sea Foods teams up with cult-favorite Stonewall Kitchen for some tasty sauces just in time for the holidays.


Roasted chickpea & Kale Salad

Chances are you may have all of these ingredients in your home. This vegetarian salad is surprisingly hearty, and of course, delicious. 

Photo courtesy of Ten Con Ten

Photo courtesy of Ten Con Ten

Ten Con Ten, Madrid, Spain

Billed as one of the best restaurants in Madrid, this restaurant was stunning and a favorite of all time. 


Antioxidant Salad

Start the year off well with this cruciferous, tart, and sweet salad

Photo courtesy of Andiamo

Photo courtesy of Andiamo

Andiamo, Newburyport, MA

Andiamo is filled with homemade Italian love in the charming village of Newburyport, MA. 

Pulled Pork

A relatively quick, oven braised pulled pork that will delight.


Al Forno

Dining at Providence’s jewel in the crown, Al Forno. Go!



What I’m working towards this year: out with the unrealistic expectations and in with the kindness and gratefulness. More hugs and kisses. Some more fruits and veggies. Thinking about my breath and body. Finding some reflective time for me.

A little shameless self promotion for my first piece for Chowhound's Boston edition featuring the delicious Moody's Delicatessen & Provisions. 

If you're craving stick-to-your-ribs Southern cuisine and you're ready to forego your January resolution, then try Southern Kin!


Denver, Again

Denver is sunny, friendly, and is dotted with microbreweries and creative food. Here are some of my faves from my recent trip. 



These Jerusalem latkes are light and sweet with potatoes and parsnips. 



Looking to stay healthy while dining out this holiday season or adhering to a gluten free diet? The HowUDish app lets users search for healthy dining options right in their own backyard. 

Thanksgiving 2017

I'm still in leggings post-Thanksgiving, but it was worth every bite

Mexican Style Eggs

These Mexican-inspired eggs are scrumptious and easy to make. 

Eggplant & Spicy Sausage Pasta

The sweetness of the eggplant is an excellent contrast to the spicy sausage, in this simple and satisfying recipe

Brasserie Bordelaise, Bordeaux, France

This Bordelaise institution is perfect for the locals and tourists of Bordeaux. 

Madrid, Spain

Madrid lured us in with croquetas, vinos, art, and beauty. 

Food Huggers

Food Huggers are a must-have for your kitchen. Plus, they're pretty cute. 

Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux and the charming region outside the city is picturesque, full of sites, and also boasts delicious gastronomy and wines. 

Herb Lemon Water

Making your own herb lemon water gives some flair to your daily hydration routine. 

Adoro Lei, NYC

Adoro Lei in downtown NYC is a swanky and delicious Italian restaurant. 

Scrambled Eggs with Summer Vegetables

A quick and healthy breakfast for the last days of summer. 


Sushi with Peruvian flair is what Nobu is all about. And it's delicious. 

Pesto Pasta with Blistered Tomatoes & String Beans

This pesto and veggie-heavy pasta is my new summertime favorite. 

Cream of Pistachio 

My latest addiction; the new, green Nutella. 

My Favorite Cake

I recently attempted a family friend's famous cake recipe for Marin's birthday. It was a hit. 


Dining at Daniel is akin to being a part of a very fancy and special play. 

Summer PIzza

A simple Summer pizza. With wine. Perfection.  

Milk Bar's Birthday Layer Cake

A simple, grain-free pancake recipe that will sweeten up your weekend mornings. 

A Motherly Day

No matter how you celebrated, I hope you had a lovely motherly day

Le Bernardin 

Le Bernardin, let's talk seafood. 

Baobab Powder

Why I'm loving this organic baobab powder from PandaVita, plus a healthy-packed smoothie for your mornings. 

Beer Braised Apple & Onion Pork Chops

Years ago when I was living in Boston, a friend cooked pork chops sautéed with apples. It was delicious. Here is a rendition using apples, onions, and fresh herbs braised in beer. 

Easter Passover Baking Times

With a fun whirlwind of three holiday celebrations this past weekend, I headed straight to the kitchen to bake, bake, bake

Hamilton Pork

Discovering neighborhood bbq and delights.

Fiore's in Hoboken

We tested about the famed Fiore's Saturday Special. Here's how it went. 

L'Atelier du Chocolat

L'Atelier du Chocolat features homemade artisan chocolates, pastries, and more. A perfect boutique when you're craving Paris. 

Snow Days and the best Brownies Ever

Finding the best brownie recipe during a cozy snow storm made this day quite a treat. 

Creamy pasta with beets and greens

With winter still lurking, a sweet and savory beet and green pasta may be just the ticket. 

Eleven Madison Park

Tired of tuna salad? Give smoked trout a try!

Sedona, Arizona

I will always have a special place in my heart for Sedona.

Phoenix, Arizona

We just returned from a fabulous stay in Phoenix and Sedona, Arizona. Here are our Phoenix highlights. 

Beet Green, Carrot, Ginger Soup

This wintery beet green soup will warm you up with comforting carrots and a zing of ginger. 

Santillo's Brick Oven Pizza in Elizabeth, NJ

Read about my pizza sojourn to Elizabeth, NJ to taste the famed Sicilian pie of the state. 

Sun Basket

Learn about my new favorite dinner option, Sun Basket, and get 3 meals free!

5 Quick Mom Hacks - Guest Blog Post for Mom vs Jess

Read my most recent guest blog post at Mom vs Jess, featuring five quick mom hacks for surviving motherhood! 

Having fun making your own baby food

Getting together with other moms and making your own baby food is a fun and social way to connect and feed your baby. 

Zucchini Sausage Supreme

Got a Spiralizer? Consider this healthy and hearty zucchini dish for your next dinner. 

Mommy & Brie

Thanks Van Hook Cheese for this delicious cheese and meat event


If you're looking for a fun activity with friends or a partner, I highly recommend taking a cooking class. They can be creative, interactive, educational, and best of all, you can eat and sometimes drink!

Well, hello

After a bit of a hiatus, I'm back.  Here's what I've been up to!


The cuisine and culture of Portugal is romantic, inventive, and really holds its own. 

Union Republic

Union Republic features homemade ramen, salads, seasonal vegetables, and a selection of butcher meats. 

Spaghetti Squash 

An autumnal, one-bowl dinner 


A recommended sojourn to Princeton, NJ. 

Charlie Bird

Impressive menu, but...

Milk Sugar Love

You can hold onto summer a little longer with this salad. 

Happy Labor Day Weekend

Hope you enjoyed a summery long weekend!

The Best Breakfast Sandwich 

Mark Bittman discusses the benefits of a plant based diet

Low Country Boil Dinner 

This Southern-inspired Lowcountry shrimp boil is a huge hit and easy to pull off for dinner parties during the summer months. 

Good Beer & Other Foods

Tonight's Edible Manhattan event featured brews and bites from local vendors. 

Kin Shop

Harold Dieterle's Kin Shop features trendy and contemporary Thai food in the West Village.  

I re-fell in love with France tonight at the French Cheese Board Launch party. Vive La France!

These Asian-inspired pork dumplings pack a lot of punch. I think the lemongrass is the key to the burst of flavor. 

This recipe riffs off an old Sicilian dish I loved many years ago. 

I'm finding this tomato oil a nice change from the usual garlic, basil, or lemon oils. 

Martha's Vineyard is a haven for food lovers. Read my top five, featuring fresh and local fare. 

Celebrating 30 at Colicchio & Sons was a unreal experience. Go now! 

Roman Nose is an Italian trattoria boasting local, fresh fare. 

Thanks to my father for creating a peppery seared tuna for my birthday lunch. 

This basket of tomatoes makes me very happy. 

The art of chopsticks

A little overnight away to Westport, CT

We recently feasted at Tallulah on Thames in Newport, RI and sampled local farm-to-table fare and took in the vibrant plating masterpieces like the image above. 


Middle Eastern turkey burgers. Get the grill ready! 


Healthy and full of protein, this meal can easily be adapted to include your favorite vegetables or skip the sardines entirely. 


Survival of the morning after...a juice cleanse. 


A juice cleanse can be a quick way to jump start a health kick, but it can also be hard as nails! 

photo (5).JPG

Chowing down at Grand Harmony in Chinatown. 


What were your highlights during Easter weekend?


It's the food marathon for the half-and-half of us; Passover and Easter. Happy Pesach and flourless chocolate tarte. 


A simple weeknight Asian-inspired meal


Has anyone been to L'Apicio in the East Village? My thoughts here


Loving NOLA


Binging on beignets in New Orleans...


Girls Trip! I am so excited for my girls trip with some must-needed female bonding. I can't wait to indulge in some live music, beignets, Creole food, Hurricanes, and much, much, more. New Orleans here we come! 


I'm loving these easy Indian simmer sauces


Get over winter with this spring-time risotto. Get the recipe here


Heading to Denver? Here are a few ideas for your trip out West!


Spring break in Puerto Morelos