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by Marisa Olsen

Hamptons Getaway Part II

Hamptons Getaway Part II entails a lovely cultural afternoon at the Parrish Art Museum followed by a wine tasting at Channing Daughters Winery, a local vineyard known for their diverse varieties of wine.  We tasted Tocai Friulano, ripe and fresh Roses, orange wines, and Cab Francs. Each glass expressed truly unique flavors that gave subtle essences of the soil we stood upon. The wine is bottled with artistic labels and fun names like Sculpture Garden or Mosaic.
Following the wine tasting (and a few splurges on our favorite bottles), we took a drive to soak in the scenery.
After sunset came dinner at Plaza Cafe, the famed seafood restaurant of Southampton. The restaurant is tucked away on a little street slightly off the main drag. The interior had a slightly 90s feel, but the roaring fireplace and friendly and attentive service won us over, not to mention the food was fabulous.

I loved our waitress Kelly. She really got our zest for food and spent a lot of time walking us through the menu and helped us curate an unforgettable meal. We started off with the Shrimp Tempura. This is not what you expect from the title of this dish. Rather, local rock shrimp is flash fried with a sweet sesame sauce and served with a wasabi pea puree that is the perfect accompaniment with the sweet/salty/crispness of the shrimp. 
Next up was the calamari, which entailed delicately sauteed tendrils of calamari and  was served with homemade hummus, spinach, and lemon zest. We loved the seared calamari and welcomed this version  rather than the traditional New England fried calamari with marinara sauce. 
Our intermezzo was a salmon pizza. I know it sounds really bizarre, but imagine a homemade flatbread covered in smoked salmon, which drizzled with creme fraiche, and topped with tobiko roe. It's not for everyone, but for the adventurous smoked salmon lover who enjoys pizza in many forms, this dish could be a neat addition to your culinary imagination.
Our grand finale was the shepherd's pie, a ramekin filled with local lobster and monk fish simmered in a light sherry cream sauce, and topped with a mashed potato broiled crust. While our guts were angry, each decadent bite was worth it. While we were unable to stomach a proper dessert due to the immense quantity of food we consumed, we slowly nibbled on homemade Madeleines and savored every moment of our wonderful trip. Should you decide to plan a trip to Southampton, please do let me know!

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