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by Marisa Olsen

Cape Cod Hatteras

Ah Memorial Day Weekend, how fleeting it seems now that we’re in the “end of week” territory. Lucky for me, I had a wonderful Cape Cod weekend full of amazing memories shared with old friends. Together we enjoyed the beach, great weather, and even better food.  Our eating adventures began with the Harvest Wine Gallery in Dennis, a lovely art gallery that features excellent wine, cheese, and live music. We shared a cheese plate and two crostinis: prosciutto with fig and local honey butter and goat cheese with walnuts, thyme, and local honey. We also ordered paninis that were grilled to perfection. I inhaled a pressed sandwich crammed with fresh mozzarella, tomato, avocado, and pesto.

The following day we waited out the lines at PB Boulangerie & Bistro, a charming French bistro that is definitely worth the wait. Believe me. We ordered the pizza du jour with asparagus, a croque monsieur, and a pain au chocolat. Everything was delicious, savory, and filling (mostly likely because we had a complete carbohydrate-based meal). But I swear the bread is probably the closest you can get to Paris on the Cape. PB is definitely on my “need to return list.” I swear that Asiago bread loaf was calling my name.

Following the carbohydrate meal was seafood on the water. If you haven’t been to Mac's Shack in Wellfleet, I’d suggest going there immediately. This raw bar is incredible. Diners can cozy up to the raw bar and put in their order for the freshest Wellfleet oysters you can imagine--they fish a stones throw from the bar--or fancy sushi rolls like double hamachi with scallions or the big kahuna. Macs also has a varied beer and cocktail menu, which is the perfect accompaniment for your raw bar treats.

One of our last decadent tastes were the “amazing fries” at the historic Bramble Inn (and yes, that is the name of the dish). Smothered with freshly shaved Parmesan and truffle oil, these fries are not to be missed. We were lucky to meet bar neighbors who persuaded us to order these crispy critters despite our fullness. We also had the pleasure of sharing a glass of wine with the master chef, Ruth, who could not have been lovelier. She too shared our infatuation with fries and said she couldn’t resist naming them “amazing fries” as they truly are amazing.  Sadly I did not have the whereabouts to capture a photo. I guess that means I have to go back!

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