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by Marisa Olsen

Best Salad Ever

This weekend, I had the best salad ever: mixed greens with figs, goat cheese and sugared pecans tossed with a reduced honey port dressing.

What you will need:




Baby Mission Figlets cut in half (I like these:

Goat cheese cut up in chunks (any brand)

Candied pecans (walnuts may be good too)



To make the pecans, simply coat the nuts with honey and bake on a cooking sheet at 400 degrees for around 5-7 minutes and allow to cool.

As for the dressing, play around with the proportions (think of it as a small challenge): simply add some port wine with a tablespoon or so of honey and let thicken and reduce over the stove top until you reach the desired consistency, stirring constantly. Pour over the salad and voila: the best salad in the world.

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