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by Marisa Olsen

Boston's Best Date Place

As my days in Boston slowly come to a close, I am on a frantic restaurant spree, desperately trying to sample and check off all of the restaurants I have been dying to try. Currently, my list is as follows: Addis Red Sea, Toro, Banc, and Lala Rokh. I will be sure to post about any or all that I successfully try.

Although I am focusing on restaurants that I have not tried, I decided to treat my accomplice and I to one of our absolute favorite Boston restaurants---Neptune Oyster. This little gem is tucked away on the bustling Salem Street and is romantic, charming, and most importantly, absolutely scrumptious.

I recommend sitting at the bar (the place is intimate, read: small and crowded) and starting with my go-to; sparkling white wine paired with a few oysters (they shuck right in front of you and have a dozen options, with prices and tasting notes listed for additional guidance). Then try the flash grilled yellow tail served beside a bed of greens and sprinkled with a pomegranate glaze. If you're lucky, they will be serving the blue fish special--roasted fillet, served over crispy polenta with chorizo, and sauteed fennel. Most likely, the striped bass served with pancetta and sweet corn succotash will be offered on the menu, if so, order it. Other dishes that have been recommended to me are the lobster roll and fried clams. I once had a fois gras tuna dish (don't knock it 'til you try it), that knocked my socks off.

I plan on visiting Neptune as often as possible.

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