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by Marisa Olsen

Say It Slower, Say It Louder: A Night In Asia

Saturday was spent with great company in Newton for a much- anticipated DP.
After meticulous planning and relaying back and forth (read: 60+ emails) Lindy, Kelsey and I elected an Asian themed meal; the spotlight would shine on a miso glazed Chilean sea bass served on a bed of sticky rice, served with a side of cellophane glass noodles and a highlighted dollop of fresh colorful vegetables.
Kelsey and I were in charge of appetizers. We stuck with an oldie but a goody; the red pepper aioli. For our wild card, we chose a fig and balsamic spread to be paired with a mild manchego. The appetizers were served with a fresh baguette and a white Cotes du Rhone.
Now onto our main attraction… Our amuse bouche was an endamame and vegetable gyosha, lightly sautéed and steamed, served with a soy-based sauce, which definitely whet the appetite, as amuse bouches are famously invented to do. Our main course was the much anticipated Chilean sea bass that looked fresh enough to dig in raw. We whisked together a miso glaze and smothered the massive hunks of bone white fresh Chilean sea bass. The fish was perfectly cooked, chunky flakes fell off my fork, rich, buttery and fresh. We served the fish on a bed of sticky rice. We also made cellophane noodles with a sesame soy sauce, topped with red and yellow peppers, scallions and crushed peanuts. The texture was of the noodle dish was diverse; slightly aldente noodles accompanied by crunchy fresh vegetables and crumbles of peanuts, spicy tastes upfront*, yet surprisingly smooth flavors on the end note, thanks to the generous portion sesame oil I so heartily poured. (*Please note my hommage to snotty wine tasting remarks). Our vegetables were sautéed patti pan and mini zucchini with black sesame seeds, which added a nice base to the flavorful miso and spicy noodle sauce.
As for the wine selection, La Crema Chardonnay was the perfect accompaniment; a buttery, rich, crisp white that paired exceptionally well with our Asian flavors. Dessert was a Chambord infused chocolate mousse, paired with a wonderful California cab. A few rich-inducing stomachs aside, a decadent treat of an evening. I look forward to A Night In Asia, aka Say It Slower, Say It Louder, Round Deux.

Panna, Vodka & Scallops

Boston Cult Classic