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by Marisa Olsen

Boston Cult Classic

Since today was so dreary AND a Wednesday, I figured I really could use a pick me up. That being said, I went to the Boston Financial District Cult Classic, Al's State Street Cafe. Novices beware, you have to be quick, aggressive, demonstrate great eye contact ability and be able to follow through in the end. Despite the chaotic atmosphere of this take out shop, the food is delicious, generous, simple and CHEAP. Their famous chicken salad is a basic recipe, but delicious all around. It will also make you feel like crap afterwards, so if you wish to go easy, I suggest not ordering red onions. My favorite sandwich, hands down, is the State Street Cafe Special; fresh mozzarella, proscuitto, basil and tomato with balsamic dressing served on a hot crispy baguette ($4.50 for small, $7 for large). Another great find is the salad. Four bucks gets your a huge, crisp salad, dollar extra for chicken or tuna AND a huge loaf of even hotter bread. I think Al's has really nailed it for the business professionals in this quirky city. Although seating is non existent, the place is booming and will be a nice place to take out and eat in PO Square when spring and summer finally arrives.

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