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by Marisa Olsen

Denver, Again

Denver, Again

Denver - Girl Loves Food - Marisa Olsen

I try to get out to Denver to see my best friend as much as I can and was shocked to realize it had been three years since my last visit. Denver is such a fun city if you can cope with the altitude and feeling out of breath when climbing stairs. Lucky for me, I can! 

Kelsey Comstock Marisa Olsen

We had such a fun weekend and, naturally, it was based on eating.

We had a delicious dinner at The Plimoth, a local, hopping eatery in the North City Park area. We ate an amazing chicken liver pate on crusty bread. The chicken livers were marinated in milk for several days and then pulverized with a little butter and a few other simple ingredients, and topped with golden raisins and served on homemade bread. Yum. The Cape Cod monkfish served in a root vegetable veloute and homemade apple pork sausage reminded me of a fancier Portuguese stew. The broth was silky and thick without any cream, the fish tender, and the sausage added a depth of flavor, creating a roundness and warmth.  The  pan seared chicken with gnocchi and a Mexican-inspired mole with a cabbage slaw was quite interesting and unique. Turns out I don't love mole sauce, but I appreciated the preparation and combination of the flavors. 


We always visit Sushi Den, which is one of my favorite sushi restaurants ever. I know, I know, sushi and Denver just don't really seem synonymous, but this restaurant knows what it's doing. 


We gorged on king salmon, fried crispy rice with spicy tuna, and this king crab, which was gently tossed with mayonnaise and topped with caviar. So delightful we had two orders! We also enjoyed the fatty seared tuna, fleshy snapper sashimi, and an order of savory pork gyoza. Go for lunch, sit at the bar, and enjoy the daily fish that is flown in fresh and delicious. 

Lunch at lunch at Masterpiece deli featured smoked Acme white fish on buttered toast with tomato, capers, onions, and a romaine Greek salad chock full of beans, hunks of feta, and crunchy vegetables. See if you can snag a table outside. 

We also visited Denver Beer Co for pumpkin carving and sipped on their light, hoppy, and fruit-forward Incredible Petal. So fun to go with friends, and spend the day out on the patio. 


Lastly, we had breakfast at the hipster coffee spot Stowaway, where I felt like I could be back in Williamsburg, only everyone was very friendly. We had chais and lattes with homemade cashew milk, and split the scrambled eggs with Niman Ranch ham, sriracha mayo, avocado, arugula and tomato chutney, and the dukkah (Middle Eastern spice) poached eggs with smoked trout, tzatziki, sautéed spinach on sourdough. Both filling, colorful, and healthy for a departing meal. 

Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain