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by Marisa Olsen

Adoro Lei

Adoro Lei

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During my farewell NYC tour, Will and I dined at Adoro Lei, is a contemporary downtown Italian restaurant. It has a ton of swanky appeal and food that is curated with detail and care. Executive Chef Mario Gentile, who was trained by Michelin Star chefs in Italy and America, brings authentic Neapolitan pizza and classic comforts to diners alongside craft cocktails designed by James Beard-recipient Elayne Duff.


We started with a crisp Caesar salad, which was lightly dressed and demonstrated a fine balance of salty richness that I love about Caesars.  We also had the rice balls, a crowd favorite, which were perfectly crisp and drizzled with truffle oil and served with a side of homemade marinara sauce. So good, and who doesn't love fried rice with truffle oil!?

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We absolutely loved the Neapolitan Pietro pizza featuring marinated cherry tomatoes, basil, pecorino, wild arugula, prosciutto, parm, and truffle oil. Again, anything with salty prosciutto and truffle oil is a win in my book.

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Their cast iron chicken parm was one of my favorite renditions. The breading on the chicken was crisp, the chicken was tender, and the sweet sauce and gooey cheese created the makings of a fantastic dish. 

Also, not to be missed were their famous Lover's Purses, homemade pasta purses with a mix of cheeses, sweet pear, tossed in a brown butter sage sauce, and speckled with roasted walnuts, arugula, and parmesan shavings. This was such a win, and I am eager to return to savor each sweet and savory bite during our next visit to New York. 

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The alluring dining space is decorated by renowned artist, Dessie Jackson, who produced 20 custom paintings revolving around the theme of adoration. On certain nights, Adoro Lei features a DJ set, but on this particular evening, we enjoyed the early buzz of happy hour, and watching young professionals sip on cocktails and snack on delicious bites. 

All photos courtesy of Adoro Lei. 


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