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by Marisa Olsen

Au Revoir, Asia + Hong Kong

Happy new year! We are back West safe and sound. Our trip to Asia was incredible. It provided us with new insight and appreciation for a part of the world we've never truly explored.  What an experience.

Our first stop was a quick two-day stay in Hong Kong.  This city is  fabulous and exciting. I loved the energy and juxtaposition of a very  developed and highly infrastructured-city compared to the far East culture. Also, the food is amazing. 
We waited an hour at Maxim's Palace for dim sum in an elegant and large banquet room near City Hall. We had great bok choy, dumplings, and other goodies. Our favorite were the roasted pork buns; wonderful airy pockets of steaming, sweet meat. We had two orders. 
We savored glass noodles with roasted chicken and peanut sauce, and smoky and sweet peking duck. We wrapped the moist pieces of meat in homemade pancakes with crispy scallions at Monogamous Chinese, a quaint restaurant nestled underneath a massive escalator in the section of Central/Soho.

We also almost lost our tongues over the fiery and spicy Sichuan food at Chilli Figara, a beautiful, small restaurant also in Central Hong Kong. We had spicy dumplings, chicken with crisp basil, and deep-fried soft shell crab with scallions and pepper. Did I mention our beers were served in authentic Chinese bowls? Will definitely be bringing that tradition back stateside. 

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Hello from Hong Kong