The Cook Book Stall in Reading Terminal, Philadelphia, PA

by Marisa Olsen in , , ,

Credit: Al Jones
Looking for a fun day trip? Why not head to Philadelphia for a day trip? The city is bursting with holiday spirit. I recommend getting lost in Reading Terminal. There are dozens of stalls filled with an assortment of food including oysters, cheese and meats, wine, honey. 

Make sure to stumble upon The Cook Book Stall. This petite shop has one of the best cookbook collections around town. Jewish/Sicilian cuisine? You got it. The hottest cookbook of the year? Yep. It's there. And if it's not, the charming owner Jill will be happy to assist. The Cook Book Stall is a must whether you're a professional chef, modest home cook, or kitchen novice.

The Cook Book Stall

1100 Filbert St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 923-3170