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by Marisa Olsen

Well, by now we have all survived our first day back at work (hopefully). Like me, you're probably feeling a little puffy and full from carbo-overloading and wine gulping.

We started our Thanksgiving day with bubbly and fine appetizers with my dear friend Caroline at her home. After achieving a buzz at 11am, we went back to my parents' house to cook and graze fireside. We had steamed oysters and clams, pâté, cheese, and samosas (we're very multicultural). 
Our first dinner course was dedicated to Hanukkah, and featured crispy potato latkes and cranberry sauce. Our main course was turkey roasted by my brother and husband, sausage stuffing, and heart attack potatoes courtesy of another dear friend, Vicki. Parmesan and pancetta green snap peas and sauteed mushrooms were the chosen vegetables. And dessert was bread pudding and pecan rugelach that we had to eat the next day due to fullness.

It was such a decadent day, filled with good friends, family, comforting food, and a cozy fire. I hope your holiday was just as delicious as mine!

And the Holidays have begun!

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