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by Marisa Olsen

I successfully completed a three-and-a-half day detox, courtesy of Gwyneth Paltrow. As I have mentioned previously, It's All Good has a section in the back that outlines recipe suggestions for various "diets," such as detoxing, general health, family eating, and body building (the latter always makes me smile--body building, really Gwyn?). After  countless summer nights of eating unhealthily and complaining about it, I decided to give myself a reset, especially after reading the hilarious Rebecca Harrington New York Magazine article. I couldn't commit to the full seven days, but I think three-and-a-half isn't bad . . . if I do say so myself.

When I told my friends and colleagues, they looked at me as though I was crazy. But the truth is, Gwyneth's detox isn't too bad. It's not a complete juicing diet or fast. Each day incorporates one to two juices, a snack like almonds (always soaked in water to help digest the healthy enzymes), fruit, and then high protein-packed meals with vegetables. Oh, and no caffeine and alcohol. (This is the hardest part in my opinion, but doable . . . I swear).
Day One is probably the hardest, especially because on the previous day I had indulged in burgers, fries, beer, wine, and chips. I woke up on Day One feeling bloated and icky. Having no caffeine was pretty challenging, but I went through my day in a fog. Afterwards, each day was better and better. By Day Three, I definitely had energy despite the lack of my cold brew coffee. And by Day Point-five I felt amazing and even politely declined artisan donuts and cupcakes. So there. My skin looked great and I felt more toned and content without starving myself.
My first normal meal involved an evening of Gwyneth-inspired food but with dairy: Mediterranean turkey burgers with yogurt sauce, sweet potato fries, and roasted cauliflower and chickpeas. I even incorporated two glasses of Pinot Noir. I was nervous about how I would feel afterwards, but I feel great and didn't even come close to having a rash that Ms. Harrington was cursed with. 

Will I follow this way of living every day? Certainly not. Those who know me know I love wine, coffee, every avec gluten, dairy, and more. But did I learn that certain foods combined with others will give me energy and make me feel great? And that I can go a few days without carbohydrates at certain meals? Yes. But for now, let's pour a little wine, have some pasta, and don't be shy with parmesan cheese. In fact, just give me the whole bowl. 

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