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by Marisa Olsen

Les Foodités Talks to Mystery Meet

Warning: the following post contains shameless self promotion. Proceed with caution.

That being said, I am pleased to share my recent interview with Seth Resler, Founder of Mystery Meet, an innovative social dining group. Each week, Mystery Meet produces a Find Dining Podcast, where Resler interviews different food lovers from around the country to discuss restaurants, food trends, and renowned chefs from their city. 

I am honored to be the trail blazer who represents Manhattan. Within the interview I outline some of my favorite dining districts, chefs whose work I admire, and share my love for The Mermaid Inn. Additionally I partake in the Out of the Frying Pan rapid-fire challenge where I name some of my favorite restaurant spots for New York City views, cocktails, soups, and other fun food-related adventures. Without further ado, here is the podcast Where to Eat in Manhattan. You can also listen to the interview while viewing a slideshow here. I hope you enjoy. 

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