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by Marisa Olsen

I apologize for my recent quietness the past few weeks. As many of you know, I am getting married this weekend. So as you can imagine, I've been a bit preoccupied. Before I depart for the festivities and honeymoon, I wanted to share this delicious dinner my fiance and I made for a casual Rosh Hashanah dinner party.  

The menu consisted of Julia Child's Roasted Chicken served with Saveur's Savory Kugel, Food &Wine's Roasted Beets and Celery Root with Goat Butter, and a side of arugula and raisin challah from Zabars.

The chicken was quite on point.  For this particular roast, I decided to go a little rogue and added fennel stems in the roaster and also placed half a lemon and tarragon leaves inside the cavity. I always feel a need to dress my chicken to the fullest--I just can't resist! I also like to take a few tablespoons of melted butter and massage the outer and under-layer of the chicken skin. I promise this will lead to crispy and delicious chicken skin. 
As for the kugel, I usually go with sweet, but this savory version may change my tune. The crispy noodles were a perfect complement to the sauteed onions and rich cheese mixture.
The Roasted Beets and Celery Root recipe intrigued me for several reasons. I have never cooked with celery root and was excited when Fairway had the vegetable in stock. I simply sliced off the outter skin and chopped the vegetable like I usually do for kohlrabi.  I was also intrigued by goat butter. Unfortunately I couldn't find the butter at Fairway, but luckily I have Zabars at my finger tips. 
I really loved this dish; it was relatively easy to make and the goat butter adds a decadent consistency.

So now I must bid you adieu. Looking forward to sharing my food photos from Italy and France in just a few weeks! Ciao!

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