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by Marisa Olsen

Restaurant Review: Pasta Beach, Boston, MA

I have spent many memorable and fun-filled weekends in Boston over the summer. Often we stay with our very hospitable friends Pat and Katie, who reside in a lovely building that just happens to house a restaurant called Pasta Beach.

This particular Pasta Beach is a sister restaurant to the original location in Newport, RI. In all of my years of visiting and staying in Newport, I have never had the pleasure of dining there. Several of our friends have worked there and I've heard many claim that it’s “one of my favorite restaurants in Newport.”

Due to my frequent stays in Boston, I was hoping to find an opportunity to officially indulge in the restaurant. After two failed attempts (closed for a private party and miscommunication with friends), I lucked out with the third; a Sunday lunch. 

My suggestion would be to go after 12 noon, and don’t fiddle around with the brunch menu. It  is very limited, i.e., does not offer any salads or pastas. Once the clock strikes noon, you’re golden, as the menu opens up to a bevy of carbohydrate-filled items that your willpower won't resist and your taste buds will celebrate.

We ordered the Verde Mista, Bucatini Amatriciana (try saying that aloud), and a small Pepperoni Pizza.

My official rating after waiting all of these years? Pretty good.  Definitely not on the same tier as Babbo, but enjoyable and affordable nonetheless. The salad was basic, but I appreciated the generous portion and fancy arugula greens. The pasta was good as well. I find Bucatini Amatriciana to be a real crowd-pleaser: tube-shaped noodles, tomato sauce, and thick slabs of bacon, with sautéed onions. How can you go wrong? I would suggest adding a few dashes of red hot pepper flakes for a little kick. The pizza was tasty as well. It was baked in a brick oven, which is always a nice touch. My only complaint was the inner crust was slightly doughy for my taste. I’m not a fan of crust/tomato/cheese mush.

Would I go back? Yes, particularly because the wine list--which is chock full of Italian reds--looks like it may be one of the best draws. Now the decision: do I indulge in Boston or Newport? Tough choice, I know.

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