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by Marisa Olsen

I would like to take a moment and highlight an amazing meal my father made for my birthday last month. The Olsen family has a tradition that the birthday-ee gets to choose his or her special meal. I usually go seafood-based--a big pot of steaming mussels with crispy frites or maybe spaghetti with clams. But this year, I took it a step up and requested seared ahi tuna. This is one of my go-to dishes when I dine out at a fancy establishment (and I’m not paying). I love both the taste and color of this dish. I love how when you cut into the tuna, you see the purple rawness of the fish that is perfectly encapsulated in a salty, seared outer layer. Yum. Well thanks to my dad, I had a phenomenal seared wasabi sesame tuna plated with hearty rice pilaf and sautéed sesame snap peas. Cannot wait for next year’s birthday! Click here to view the recipe my father used (note: avocado oil is quite pricey but worth the investment).

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