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by Marisa Olsen

Restaurant Review: Sam's and the Boston Waterfront

I took a quick jaunt to Boston this past weekend and had a delightful time. Many of you know, Boston and I don't always go hand-in-hand (I need to tread cautiously as many of my readers are Bostonians). That being said, I had a lovely visit and of course enjoyed delicious fare. 

We dined at Sam's at Louis, a contemporary restaurant that sits on the edge of the South Boston waterfront. This area has changed drastically since my departure four years ago. It used to be that the ICA was one of the only redeeming venues to visit, but now there are numerous restaurants, shops, and apartments being developed before your eyes. There are also water taxis available if you get lazy (word of caution: these are pricey). 

At Sam's, four out of the five table mates ordered the BLT, which was dressed up with candied bacon, arugula, mayo, tomato-marmalade, and a side of fries. The flavor of the BLT was quite good. My only criticism--and you may find this a outlandish--was too much bacon. I'm not kidding, strips of bacon literally kept falling out of the sandwich with each bite. Believe me, this isn't a horrible thing, but a little less bacon and a little more tomato could work nicely.

I was the outlier of the table and ordered the Roasted Eggplant Portobello sandwich. The flavor was good as well but it was served on a giant hamburger bun. Perhaps focaccia would be a better bookend. But again, not a horrible problem. I still managed to eat most of my share, which was quite generous. 

Sam's definitely had a fun atmosphere. I'd love to go back for dinner and sip on delicious cocktails overlooking the harbor. Also, after the meal you can wander downstairs to the luxury boutique Louis and browse at the pretty items you probably can't afford. Either way, worth the visit!

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