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by Marisa Olsen

Maldon. Enough Said.

After my recent salmon post, many people were inquiring about Maldon salt, so perhaps a short dedicated post is in order. Sadly, I cannot say I've been a Maldon salt abuser for years. In fact, I learned of Maldon only a year ago, when Kelsey and her mom, Lindy, introduced me. I believe Kelsey met Maldon via her boss; so I really have Kelsey's boss to thank. So thank you. Maldon is a sea salt crystal that has the capacity to bring out amazing flavor in food. I've started using it almost exclusively when cooking. You can find a box at higher end grocery stores. At almost $8 a box, it's expensive for salt, but definitely worth every penny and lasts forever. May joy come to you with every Maldon salt crystal you generously sprinkle. 

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