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by Marisa Olsen

Restaurant Review: Balthazar

We did it. We went to Balthazar on a Thursday night and got a table at 8PM, not 5PM or 11PM, but 8PM. Sorry to gloat, but this is such a New York institution and every time I've attempted to indulge, I've been scoffed at. 
Now that we established the time, I'll jump into the pics. I have to say that the appetizers were better than the entrees. Crazy, I know. Especially as Balthazar's steak frites is considered a must-have. For apps, we ordered the bone marrow that is huge (see pic, yes that's three huge bones) and delicious. Make sure to ask for extra toast to slurp the marrow. It's like juicy heaven in your mouth. Pair that with the foie gras mousse and then you're in heaven double time with some real need for Zantac. It's one of the best things I've ever had. And yes, you need extra toast as well. It's really that good. Go sit at the bar (if you can elbow your way through) and get this app with a glass of wine. You will thank me. It's light, airy, and decadent. A perfect combination.
Next we had the escargot, pretty typical. It comes in a little Staub dish, which was a cute touch. For entrees, we had the skate (pretty good), steak frites (over hyped), and mussels (good). Trust me, stick to the starters and you will be happy (if you can get a seat). 

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