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by Marisa Olsen

Blood orange Asian salad

Since the commencement of 2011, I've been craving healthy, light foods. I don't know, maybe it was the month of straight reveling for the holidays, but I am ready to feel "good" in the new year, or at least in the first few weeks. Sound familiar?

I decided to make a salad with the blood oranges I recently bought. Perusing my fridge, I noticed I had some quick-pickled cucumbers thanks to the amazing Momofuko cookbook (shout out to Kiz). Perfect. I sliced the oranges and cucs, placing them on a bed of greens. Then I whipped up a dressing of chopped scallions, ginger, soy, rice wine vinegar, and olive oil. The only thing I was missing was a touch of crumbled nuts, but it was delicious nonetheless.

A Momofuku Meal

Peaches & Cream