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by Marisa Olsen

Pork belly is like heaven

Naturally, I have fallen into the steamed pork belly bun frenzy. Not being what one would call a silent eater, I have aggressively "oohed" and "aahed" over Momofuku's hoisin pork buns, savoring each bite and patiently waited to swallow before masticating on heaven.  They're insanely delicious.  I also need to shed some light on Buddakhan's assemble-your-own pork buns, which depending on who you talk to, may rival Momofuku's.  But last night, I had the wonderful experience of tasting the newest talk of the town, Ippudo, whose pork buns have been credited to be even better than the aforementioned.  They are definitely delicious, but I think it all comes down to  the variation in sauce. In comparison to Momofuku's, the two buns are roughly the same size.  Their pork belly has the same flavor and mega high fat content (so good).  However, Ippudo's sauce is spicier and then surprises you with a burst of mayonnaise, while Momofuku's is a sweeter hoisin-based glaze with a cucumber crunch.  They're both worthwhile and I anxiously await for the day when I can try them back to back.  

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