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by Marisa Olsen

Mexican Debate Night

As many of you know, I do not like using precise measurements when I cook (sorry!). I realize this may be a deterrent, but I encourage everyone to play around with food, especially when it comes to spice.

That being said, one of my favorite things to make are burritos. Like stir frying and roll-your-own-sushi parties, burritos are versatile--you can add whatever you like and it's a fun group activity. Recently, my roommates and I held an impromptu Mexican Debate Night and encouraged our guests to create their own burritos. Here is what we provided:

+tortillas (any flavor works)
+rotisserie chicken, pulled from the bone (most reputable grocery stores sell rotisserie   chickens and often will half the meat for you if you just need a small portion--but you     probably will mostly likely need to pull your own meat!)
+spicy peppers and onions mixture (I used an authentic Mexican adobo sauce by Dona Maria-- use caution when opening jar)
heat up vegetable oil in skillet and add sliced peppers and onions. Add a spoonful of adobo spice and simmer with three parts water, until you reach desired consistency and spice level
+sliced avocados
+shredded cheese (your preference)
+sour cream
+lime wedges

Heat tortillas in oven- or better yet, fry in a bit of vegetable oil in a pan until crisped (now you have a tostada) and add the fun stuff.

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