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by Marisa Olsen

Monday's Meal

Last evening, I was at a loss for what to cook, but I knew I wanted roasted brussel sprouts. That being said, I scoured Whole Food’s aisles searching for anything that would complement my vegetable of choice. I decided to make one of my favorite stand-bys; roasted broccoli. In addition, I ordered two chicken kebabs to sautee (garlic herb and ginger soy), and hand-picked some okra (I needed a challenge). Once back in the kitchen, I immediately got my brown rice ready to go. I also par-steamed the broccoli and brussels. Once slightly cooked, I smothered them in olive oil, crushed garlic, garlic salt and oil and let them roast at 450. I played around with okra; sautéed with olive oil and a little butter, crushed red pepper, chili powder and garlic salt. For the chicken, I sautéed the entire kebab in a pan and covered it for about 10-15 minutes. Everything was delicious and easy; the roasted vegetables were perfectly charred, the okra had a subtle kick, the chicken had a nice crispness, but still tender with tons of flavor, and the rice, well it was rice. But everything was simple, delicious and healthy—a great way to jump start the week.


A Summer Meal Utopia