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by Marisa Olsen

The Hillster

Perhaps many of you are familiar with the Sunday F U. It usually begins with severe depression when you arise groggy in the am/pm (whatever your preference may be), then a manic happiness sets over when you realize you have a “full free day” (let's be honest, a half day), and then severe panic sets over again. Finally you attempt to get your ducks lined up in a row and enjoy your last moments of freedom before the Monday Grind. Sometimes this may involve going to a bar, attending a cocktail party ( my father's style), but I like to go out to dinner and indulge in some decent wine and food. So the challenge is to find a nice way to procrastinate into the work week, usually bearing a slight hangover, a nice "finger" to the upcoming week. Per my usual Sunday Funday I went out to dinner, and was politely convinced into going to the Hill Tavern, a local Beacon Hill mainstream haunt.I've been to this institution several times, mainly to indulge in the half price appetizers during an early "happy hour" at 4-6PM. My first sandwich experience was pretty blah. Eggplant, red pepper and zucchini. Unfortunately, cheese wasn't present and I don't think sandwiches or panini or wraps or any other bread product with protein and maybe some veggies should ever show itself the to the general public without adding at least a slice of cheese product. But that being said, besides contradicting the Cardinal Sandwich rule, the sandwich was....mediocre at best.

Now, after gently being coerced to give sandwich another try, I blundered over my decision once again. This time, I took my advice and ordered the mozzarella, avocado and caramelized onions and cherry tomato panini. Much to my dismay, this was a flop too. Yes, avocado, tomato and mozz produced a lovely basic blend, but another cardinal sin surfaced--the onions weren't caramelized. They were not sweet (hence the "caramel" function of the word) but mushy and lacking of flavor. Enough said.

At least I got a UFO in a frosted beer glass, approximately one foot tall.

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