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by Marisa Olsen

Risotto alla Tutti

Since I am recently on major budget mode, I decided to do some cabinet poking in hopes of discovering some forgotten, long- bought goodies. I was in luck! I found an entire box of Arborio rice( risotto, for you novices) that I knew could do wonders for my new financial plan. Once identifying my main ingredient, I immediately ran through an ingredient list compiling the basics: onion, chicken broth, veggies, etc. Considering that I had none of the aforementioned*, I knew I had to use a creative spin. But thanks to Blog Master M Dawg, I had faith that I too could veer from the universal and familiar style of the Italian staple dish.** I started digging, especially in the spice department, since I have recently returned from a favorable trip to Polcari’s. I decided to sautee some garlic and crushed red pepper, making the essence of my dish full of heat. Then, I added my rice and let the grains heat up and suck in some of that flavor. I just guesstimated and slowly started adding water, stirring constantly and waiting patiently until I reached the consistency that I desired. It worked. Then I went spice crazy—herbs de Provence, thyme, rosemary, parsley—some butter, a few cherry tomatoes I conveniently stole from my roommate and grated cheese. Voila! This is a fool-proof, ridiculously simple version of the dish that allows for creativity and cabinet restoration.

* Please don’t judge, I’m in a financial re-planning status, code yellow, and always have those basics in stock…no pun intended.

** Memories of Italian Made Simple, created by Chef Blog Master M Dawg & Fashionista K, NYU Dorms, summer 2005, dance through my head.

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