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by Marisa Olsen

Land of the Preps

After weeks of anticipation, my Personal Assistant and I took a weekend away to the Land of the Preps aka Nantucket. Since the island is only a hop, skip and a jump away we decided to spend one night during the off season where we could explore and analyze this preppy little isle full of Lily’s, Range Rovers, fabric belts and the unmistakable “ACK” slogans. After our short commute, consisting merely of a 2 hour bus ride, 1.5 hour car ride, 2 hour ferry ride, 7 games of spit and a 15 minute walk), and wintry mix storm to boot, we landed the shores of the historic whaling village.
We stayed at the Jared Coffin Inn, recommended by several acquaintances and we were not disappointed. The Inn is a historic center-hall brick home in the heart of downtown, boasting 42 rooms. Upon arrival, we were immediately upgraded to the Grant room, a suite where President Grant supposedly stayed and offered some well-thought out dining recommendations. The room was adorable; four-poster bed, wide wooden floor boards, oriental rugs and a decadent plush white linen bed.
After settling in, we explored the quiet island, chatted with locals and savored the enchanting quality of the island. We dined at Queequeg’s, a small local bistro that was intimate, quaint and full of locals. We split a bottle of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and shared the braised short rib that literally melted like butter and tuna tartar with spicy guacamole and home made tortilla chips. My PA ordered homemade lobster ravioli, with generous lobster stuffing and I ordered Nantucket scallops served over a generous portion of mushroom risotto. All plates were delicious, well thought out and nicely presented; simple, but tasty.
After a quiet candlelit dinner, we decided to hit the town, and check out the much-anticipated Lola 41; a hip sushi lounge/bar that has appeared to rev up the traditional casual bar scene that the locals are accustomed to. We were not disappointed by Lola. The place was hopping, drinks were stiff and the sushi was divine ( I couldn’t resist ordering a post dinner Volcano roll; tuna and salmon with spicy mayo, albeit 11:00PM). Sunday's meals included a pastry breakfast by the main fire place and a huge guilt-inducing sandwich from Stubby's, a local sandwich shop that I had enjoyed during a previous visit, much less civil.
I found the town to be absolutely gorgeous and captivating and lacking with the traditional floral garb that island is known for. Although the town was quiet, we were able to find fantastic sleeping and dining accommodations. We spent hours exploring the wharf and side streets. Although I am not sold on visiting during the peak summer season (read; too many fabric belts), I hope to return in September to enjoy warm weather and appreciate the lull of the season (neon pink and green clothing excluded of course).

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