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by Marisa Olsen

Super Bowl Weekend

As many of you may know, I am not a huge sports fan.  "Go sports," tends to be my go-to cheer during that awkward question about my team preference, sporting event or athlete.  (does Michelle Quan still count?)  That being said, I was so looking forward to eating my heart out during Sunday's game, with no other than the all-American cuisine, Thai.  (Does anyone else crave Thai as much as I do on Sundays?)  However, much to my dismay, my favorite Thai nook was ferme pour les joues!  Quoi? C'est vrai.  I couldn't believe my eyes, even my Asian companions were more pro-American than me.  I needed to move on and move up soI fixed my craving with another domestic stand-by; Middle Eastern.  My dear friend Rachel and I shared a crisp green Mideastern salad with a spiced, lemon vinaigrette and char-broiled chicken breast served over savory rice pilaf and accompanied by a wonderful homemade yogurt.  Delicious, light and filling.  

Now in case any of you were wondering, yes, I did watch the game, while judiciously clicking to Iron Chef battle of chocolate.  Could a bigger polar opposite tryst exist for me other an a sporting game and chocolate competition?  No, but I compromised and that's what counts.  

But let's get back to topic.  This weekend proved to be a lovely culinary adventure.  On Saturday evening, I hosted an impromptu dinner party for my New York guest and former roommate.  We started off the evening with a variation of a bellini; prosecco served with a dash of mango lemonade juice (organic, of course), and the zest of lemon peel.  Cool, refreshing and tasty.  As dinner was served, we paired our meal with an every day cab and then switched gears to a homemade espresso martini as dessert.  Dinner comprised of a chicken balsamico (courtesy of Giada), roasted and charred carrots, brussels sprouts, shallots and onions, several more veggie-lite dishes and Bova's whole wheat bread.  The chicken was absolutely phenomenal and surprisingly easy to make.  I also had the help of some fresh herbs bought locally at Polcari's Coffee and Spice cult shop.  Where else can you buy the strongest espresso, herbs de Provence, parsley and bay leaves for an astounding $4.50?  Anyways, I strongly recommend the chicken dish, served with the reduction of the balsamic dressing and topped with fresh  parsley and lemon zest.  Voila.  

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