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by Marisa Olsen

Boston Repairs

Dear Town of Boston:

Please see the below additions :

  • frozen yogurt (really, just any kind, I don't care, but frozen yogurt weather is quickly approaching--hurry!)
  • a night life ( ok, enough with Clery's and the rape room basement, granted dancing is fun, but I don't need to go to your bar at 8:30 PM to avoid a line- this isn't Marquee, it's Boston, remember?)
  • any engineered apparatus that would help lower the wind tunnel effect that happens on every block ( this isn't Chicago)
  • a supermarket (I can't always afford a $2 apple from Guatemala)

more to come, please feel to submit suggestions and comments

Alas, I have identified a stellar frozen yogurt at Cafe Podima on Cambridge Street (across from trusty Whole Foods). Cafe Podima scoops out individual yogurts (sugar free is an option) with a plethora of toppings, that I wish to explore further. To boot, their portions are in competition with a Ben & Jerry's pint.

Culture Francais

French Bistro