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by Marisa Olsen




Happy 2019! I’ve been thinking about what a new year means to me. I like to surmise that today is the healthiest day of the year. Not January 1, which is filled with mimosas, pastries, and plans to reset, but the day after. The day you return begrudgingly to work, the day you dry out after a 10 day binge of holiday fetes, and promise yourself you won’t touch sugar, carbs, or dairy for a month. I’m not sure that’s completely doable.

This year I want to be kind to myself. I will TRY to be more mindful about my thoughts/feelings, what I put in my body, and the words I choose to say aloud. Sure I want to lose five pounds, find my zen, and never yell or lose my cool, but that’s unrealistic. Rather, I’ll take small steps. Maybe more fruits and vegetables throughout the day. A little less meat. More walking. I’ll try to focus on my breath and the tension in my neck when I get frustrated with the kids (or Will!). I will try to write and work more. I’ll try to be in the moment a bit more, be kind to myself when I do get upset, be grateful for the big and little things around me (fresh sheets, hot water, a fridge stock full of healthy nourishing foods), and hug and kiss my family a bit more. That’s what I’ll work towards as gracefully as possible in 2019.

What are you working towards this year?

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